Parent Night


Specifically Designed Parent Evenings

Being Adept professionals ensure that parents receive the training they need to engage in an ongoing, vital dialogue with their children. Research on emotionally healthy teens point to the need for specific parenting practices. Building the kind of connection that keeps kids close while at the same time, honoring the individuation and separation process is a challenging yet critical element of effective parenting. Before parents’ voices become marginalized by their children’s ever-present world of text messaging and social media, we help parents build a foundation for communication. Parents will leave this program equipped with the tools, strategies and protocols to raise healthy teens.

How to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol

We discuss conversation starters for talking to your teen as well as steps you can take to strengthen communication and trust in your relationship. We also dive into the types of conversations that should be taking place depending on your child’s age.

How to talk about your own use

Honesty is important when talking about your own use; you will lose credibility and trust with your teen if they find out you lied to them. But it is also important not to go into too much detail. We explore ways to answer your teen effectively when they ask the question “when did you first try drugs or alcohol?”

Understand national stats and local stats

We explore national adolescent drug and alcohol trends as well as local use among teens ranging from 7th to 12th grade. We also look at local data of teens reporting chronic sadness and consideration of suicide due to the relationship between those feelings and substance use.


Understand drugs of choice in your community

We look at illicit drugs that are commonly abused in our local communities as well as the abuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Understand risk factors and protective factors

Addiction is 60% genetic and 40% environmental. Understanding your family history as well as personality traits associated with addiction can help you understand whether your child is predisposed to developing a substance addiction. 

Leave with a “parent guide”

Every parent leaves with a handout summarizing all of the topics covered as well as tips for discussing substance abuse with their child. Our handout also includes resources for further reading on the topics discussed at the parent night.

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