Student Testimonials


“It made you feel more mature, and that you're in control. This [class] was actually telling you the long-term effects and what it can actually do to you. So it actually made you feel like ‘Wow, this is actually really bad,’ and not just being forced not to do it.”

Devon, 13

“I thought it was interesting to learn about how yoga helps calm you down and breathe.” 

Sophie – 6th grader

 “It was interesting to learn how dopamine works in the brain.”

Finn – 6th grader

“I liked the media lesson. It was very interactive.” 

Jane – seventh grader


From Our Parents

Dad smiling.jpg

“I loved that it was solution oriented and armed us with many ways to talk with our kids about drugs and alcohol.”

Marie Lyons, Parent

“Very timely information and all this stuff really happens suddenly as soon as kids enter high school!  I wish I’d had this when my older child was in 8th grade. Thank you.” 

Parent of a 5th grader

“Our youngest child is 12, in 7th grade. Our eldest is 19, a sophomore in college. I only wish you had developed this program seven years ago. Thanks!”

Parent of a 7th grader

“It was the first program that I’ve seen that really let the parents know what they should be doing without apology for political correctness.  I appreciate that and think it’s a new fresh approach.” 

Parent of an 8th grader

“Thanks to Being Adept my kids are armed with the facts and ugly realities of drugs and alcohol as they enter into their high school years where the risks of drug and alcohol use are high.” 

Parent of an 8th grader

“The brain scan the nurse showed last week had an ENORMOUS impact on him. He’s brought it up many times.” 

Parent of a 6th grader

“I loved that it was solution oriented and armed us with many ways to talk with our kids about drugs and alcohol.”

Marie Lyons, Parent


From Administrators & Teachers


“Your organization does excellent work, and I feel that our students are benefiting greatly from their experience.” 

Steve Bileka, Assistant Head of Campus, Head of Middle School, Brandeis-Hillel Day School, San Rafael, CA

“It was outstanding.  One of the best parent education evenings at Kent.” 

Skip Kniesche, Principal Kent Middle School

“I was intrigued by the conversation you described with the Presidents of top colleges and universities and how they identified dealing with the binge drinking problem as one of the things that independent schools could do to better prepare students for success at their level.  At SCDS, we are working with Being Adept, founded by Jennifer Grellman and based in Marin. I cannot give their approach a strong enough recommendation. They are working in partnership with UCSD to utilize the latest brain research and developmental science on adolescents and beginning intervention and learning at fifth grade. Their focus is on decision making skills, dealing with stress, and understanding why delaying use is good for their brains and development. We are thrilled with the impact on our kids, and the kids are too.”

Brad Weaver, Ed.D, Head of School, Sonoma Country Day School